Monday, August 29, 2011

Preparing for Hurricane Kat

The boat made it through Hurricane Irene with no problems at all.  Hurricane Kat may be a different story!

Where did I get all this stuff?  Honestly, other than purchasing exercise-related items, I didn't know I had accumulated so many "things" since my arrival here (2 years, 1 week ago).  I packed (for storage) an entire box of shoes!  What's that all about?  Me?  Shoes?

I'm shipping a box to Susan today so that I don't have to take it on the plane.  Trying to make it not quite so heavy, but I'm not sure of how much success I'll have.  The original sorting of the clothes left me with far too many clothes, far too little suitcase space.  Again, what's that all about?  Me? Clothes?

I have a bunch of running around to do today.  Post office, library, etc.  I'm having this huge debate about computers.  I can get a brand new Acer 14" 2GB Celeron laptop for $249.  I can get a brand new 10" Toshiba or HP netbook for $229.  Or, I can suck it up and lug my ancient Toshiba.  That's not really a good option though - without a working battery, it'll be rather useless on the boat.

Decisions!  I'm nuts!  I know I am!  But not nuts enough to fall for a Craigslist scam.  Sheesh.

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