Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First day in MA

I'm sitting in the library in Gloucester,MA.   Could not have asked for better weather!  I am, however, exhausted.  I was sitting in here earlier falling asleep, so I went outside to sit on a bench so I wouldn't get kicked out!  Started dozing off out there too, despite the constant construction noise and blaring horns.  So then I started picturing what would happen if a cop showed up and decided I was breaking some sort of vagrancy laws (I assume they have them!)  Sitting on a bench with bag (full of half-eaten shrimp lunch - YUMMY!), a laptop case, and a suitcase.  So I finally decided that wasn't going to work out either.  I wandered around the outside of the library for a bit, then finally picked a spot where I could tai chi from.  Wasn't ideal, had plenty of gawkers, but it was the best I could come up with!  I'm glad I did, I feel so much better!  I'm still really tired, but at least my body's not all achy!

My camera's one of the things that got left behind in consideration of weight and space.  Unfortunately, this means I only have the phone, which takes great pictures but gets cranky if it's off a charger for too long.  So i'm just going to upload one of them - it was taken in the transit station close to the airport.

Current plan is to leave here Friday, destination Cape Cod. :)

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