Friday, September 2, 2011

I am not a witch!

Salem is really very awesome.  I would love to be able to stay for a while longer and tour all the museums and historical sites.  It gets a bit chilly at night,  (I need to remember to put a blanket on my bunk, and today it's a bit chilly in the shade (it's breezy).  Fortunately, these things happen in order to remind me that I am not cut out to live in the arctic north. ;)

I'm working on my accent.  I know that people drive cahs.  There are lots of cahs around heeyeah.  Some of the accents are just thick!

I have some pics - more on my Facebook page,but less commentary. ;)

 I thought it was so cool how close to the original this pic is.  I will see if I can go back and get a better pic of the original (pic) - Murphy the wonder dog was tugging pretty hard, I was trying to snap before my arm jerked, LOL
Speaking of Murphy..
I knew about the witches, didn't know about the pirates!
Witchcraft is, of course, a huge tourist attraction.  However, it appears that people who truly believe in witchcraft have settled here.  Along the same lines, I have seen several lesbian couples - I wonder if it's the witchcraft thing or if the city's culture naturally allows people to be more accepting of people that are different.  Haven't really seen very many African-Americans or Asian people, so perhaps the acceptance thing is just wishful thinking on my part.

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